Ecuador Crisis Response Plan 2020

Last updated: 31 January 2020
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IOM Vision

In 2020, IOM, in coordination with national and local partners, will enhance the preparedness and response capacity of communities to disasters caused by natural hazards by implementing a disaster risk management plan focusing on capacity building of affected and at-risk communities, where migrants and local populations live side by side.

Strengthen preparedness and reduce disaster risk

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People Targeted
People Targeted description

IOM has defined a target of 1,000 people belonging to national and local organizations as well as to communities, to provide them with the capacities to work as a team to face potential emergencies caused by natural disasters.

Beneficiaries will be local and migrant populations who live in risk areas which could potentially be affected by an eruption of the Cotopaxi volcano, earthquakes and tsunamis and/or El Niño. Depending on the emergency of the natural event, populations in these areas could dramatically be affected in terms of their survival and well-being, destruction of their properties and also their livelihoods. 

Since the above-mentioned hazards could affect different cities of the country, actions will benefit communities in the coast, highland and amazon regions.

Emergency preparedness

In coordination with the SNGRE, IOM will provide 3 one week trainings on CCCM to national and local level technicians, in order to increase the pool of skilled people. Based on the needs, IOM will support the training of trainers on the coordination and management of temporary camps.

Three trainings on early warning and MEND will also be implemented to build capacities in relevant organizations and communities to prepare people in the case of a natural disaster. The participation of the community in these activities is paramount.

Based on the Migrants in Countries in Crises (MICIC) initiative, IOM proposes to implement three workshops, which will include the SNGRE and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to analyze and define mechanisms to include migrant populations in the national and local preparedness and response plans. The aim is to assure that in case of a natural event all the population, including migrants, can follow instructions and participate in response actions and be an active partner of the community. IOM will strengthen and complement the abilities of migrant communities on response and resilience in order to reduce their vulnerability.

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Disaster prevention

After some experiences in different locations in Ecuador that have been affected by different disasters due to natural hazards, the government of Ecuador has come to the conclusion that there is a need to provide shelter alternatives to families that have lost their houses and that do not want to move to other more secure locations.

To support disaster prevention in this regard, IOM intends to engage a consultancy, in coordination with the SNGRE, to design different models of temporary detachable houses and strategies to be implemented in coastal, highland and amazon regions in case of an emergency. These temporary houses should be designed considering cultural norms, and the use of local materials which will not affect the environment. Construction of model temporary houses will be included in this project so that they can be replicated when a natural disaster occurs. IOM will provide shelter specialists who can work together with the Government of Ecuador defining the best options of temporary detachable houses that can be constructed in the different affected zones. The aim is to benefit the most vulnerable people affected by potential natural hazards in the country.

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Figures are as of 31 December 2020. For more details of IOM's operational capacity in country, please see the IOM Capacity section.